108 Lai Farm

Introduction: The Lai Family is divided into two experience areas, the submontane and mountainside. The submontane is mostly vegetables. The mountainside offers diverse experience, including loofah creation area, barbecue area, green vegetable area, fruit area, white bamboo shoot area and lotus area.
The Lai Farm has a land on the mountain, where there are abundant plants, vegetables, melons and tea. They further rent a land on the submontane, mainly for delivering vegetable business.
Business Hours: Please make a reservation before coming
Ticket: Free
Payment: Cash Only
Passenger Capacity:50 people
Parking: 10 cars
Facilities: Fruit Farm
Contact: Mr. LAI / 0933-780186 / 03-3242528
Address: No. 152, Sec. 3, Shanlin Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 338, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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