About this area

Luzhu District has convenient transportation, it is close to Taipei City, New Taipei City and Taoyuan City. Apart from that, it has abundant agricultural products, natural resources and rural cultural resources. It is a great area to develop into a leisure agricultural area to offer citizens fresh and safe agricultural products, green environment and beautiful ecological landscape as an “Urban Agriculture” area. There are abundant feature products, including tea, rice, green bamboo shoot and hill gossberry and diverse hilly geography, mountain landscape, rivers, agricultural ponds and southern rural culture. With the fundamental principle of developing safe agricultural products and combining small-scale processing factories, we can develop special agricultural products of the area and create product value. The green environment, historical resource, mountain landscape and river resource can be integrated to design activities and tours, develop cultural creative agricultural products and enrich local industry. It is the best location to practice “location creation”.

Kenzixi area is in Luzu District of Taoyuan City, connecting to Kenzi River and Dagushan Leisure Farm, having agricultural products including tea leaves, bamboo shoot, winter melon, lettuce and cabbage. The abundant ecology creates a diverse farm where you can return to simple life with non-toxic cultivated products and enjoy green and relaxing living style.

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