Kengzixi one day tour

※Tour Name: Kengzixi one day tour
※ Schedule Recommendation:
Morning: Taolukeng Farm, Daoguantang, Zhufeng Tea
Lunch: Local disches
Afternoon: Bamboo cabin, earth house

※Event Content:
Make unicorn beetle specimen at the cabin: Take naturally dying unicorn and make it into specimen to deliver the concept that the environment needs everyone’s effort to maintain. Get to know Hakka folk song, Bagong culture and sacrificial culture.
Tea experience: Tea garden tour, guide of tea industry and ancient culture, tea restaurant.
Ecological tour: Ecological introduction of rice terrace (restaurant main building), ecological guide of the bamboo cabin
DIY: Ecological guide to the Australian Tea Tree Park (moving by golf cart), unicorn beetle specimen

-Minimum: 20 people

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